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It's hard to smile while you are in pain!

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We are changing the way acupuncture is offered. We have created a new category for care!

Our History

After 14 years in practice in the Brampton area, we have decided to open a new clinic. We now call Streetsville home. We look forward to many years of serving the community.

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide affordable, accessible high quality care for people seeking acupuncture. Our community acupuncture model is a small piece of a huge movement the is underway!

Parallax Effect - Perfected

Canadians are effected by chronic pain

Chronic Pain Cost

The Mississauga Health Movement would like to do it’s part in helping Canadians that are suffering from Chronic pain concerns. Don’t hesitate to give us a call. 905.858.7965

Canadians Suffer Chronic Pain
35 M
7 M
People Suffer Yearly
$ 6 B
Chronic Pain Costs Canada
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Pardon our website!!!

Pardon our website, we are still getting everything together. Although some people would wait till the site is 100% done before going live we are a little different. The site …